Hiatus vs. new album

Dear fans and friends,

It has been a little quiet around here and maybe it’s about time to step up to face the change and the challenges that lie ahead of us. As a collective of individuals, who played in Samsara Blues Experiment for the last decade, our paths will divide from here for a while. 

After more than twelve years with this band project, and a manifold of experiences it’s also just the sign of times that lead to the inevitable, … and as you may know for yourselves a lot can change within a personality in the course of such a long time. 

Yet we still have a last studio album to offer to you which has already been recorded and is merely waiting to be printed into shape. The release of this last album is scheduled for January 2021 and we will keep you updated when it will be available.

For now, thank you for everything, the memories, the stories, the travels, the people we met … it has all been much more than anyone of us had ever expected.

Thank you!