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Back To Life

Up to the mystic mountain
Through mud and black mist I’ll stride
And travel through my mind’s eye
To reveal their lies

But I can’t, can’t see, no I can not see the light
And I beg all the seers to carry me back to life

While this old world falls apart
It dies right before your eyes
But you refuse to see it
Refuse to hear her cries

Can’t you see the fuckin’ lies
Gotta open up your minds now
Well I can’t see the light
While you don’t want to

Midnight Boogie

Goin’ down to George’s
Where you’ve just been
To see if you’ve been boogie-in’,
Ah you know what I mean
My left leg’s draggin’, my right leg’s limp
My head’s so wavy and I can’t feel it
I got to see you baby, you’ll be alright
I wanna boogie baby, boogie tonight

Well old George is boogie-in’
He’s been a-boogie-in’ with you
I wanna boogie with you baby
I wanna boogie all night long

I need to move on and shake off that dusty broom
I really need to see you to end my blues
I wanna see you baby and we’ll be alright
I only want to boogie, boogie tonight

I’ve seen you coming through the mist
with eyes that shine like amethysts
You’ve been resting at the shores of bliss
But then you’ve never been kissed
I say you’ve never been kissed the way I do
Yeah, the way I do

Now watch out babe ┬┤cause here I’m coming
My head and heart in restless humming
No I can’t stand still until I’ll make it through to you
and sweet love is what I’ll do to you
We’ll be raving every night and day on our way through the wilderness
It has been so long,
I’ve been craving for your kiss

*original writers (italic): Peter Frederick Way, Andrew Maynard Parker, Michael Derek Bolton, Phillip John Mogg