One With The Universe


Seems I’d just woken up for the very first time
and seen life’s endless floating entity.
But why then do I shiver?
Why do I shake like a leaf in the wind?
Does it feel so weird just to be?

Reach for bliss, relate to consciousness,
get rid of all the questions in your head!

And while the days just seem to rush away,
I dreamt within a dreadful dream,
where all the noise and all the pointless chatter
turned into this new old symphony…

Reach for bliss, relate to consciousness,
get rid of all the questions in your head!

You’ll live this holy law until your final breath.

I wanted to drown in careless life,
I couldn’t end the endless strife.
Need to let go of all my negativity,
I had to close my eyes to wake.

Glorious Daze

Still keep on waiting all the time,
but you just won’t show.
Say will you ever…
Will you ever come back to me?
Oh well, I don’t know.

While through all these days I can’t stop holding on
to a tale that might get lost in the pulse of time.
But then how can we forget how it felt to be in that…
Glorious daze!
Oh, when you were mine, and I was truly yours!

I don’t even know what I miss the most about you.
Is it your kiss or just your clownish smile?
While I keep telling myself by the turn of every Tarot card,
that one day it will be just fine.

Freedom’s overrated, unless it’s freedom of the mind!
I thought that we belong together, but I may have been blind.

Ain’t no matter what anybody’s going to say about us,
it’ll all be alright.
´cause all we got to do is just to trust in ourselves
and see how things turn out fine.
It ain’t no matter what you’re going to do about it,
somehow you’ll always be mine.

One With The Universe

Hey hey, I said I want to see you every day.
Hey hey, think of all the promises we made!
In all the time that’s lost,
forgotten trust had blurred the guidelines on our way.
Hey babe, can’t you see, that we can make it anyway!

Life’s wicked ways have got me in a spin now.
Sometimes I can’t see what is wrong or right.
Honey please let the confusion end,
I need your love to stand the night!

And when the air smells like soft summer rain,
all our moves will be like pure poetry,
If you’d only come to me…

Hey hey, I still want to see you every day.
Hey hey, think of all the groovy times we had!
When I made love to you,
seems I could have seen right through you.
When your eyes had pierced right through me,
we’ve been at one with the universe.

Eastern Sun & Western Moon

Eastern sun and the western moon,
with sleepdust in our eyes, we’ll rise up soon.
But still we chase a dream, that’s slipping out of sight.
Trying to escape its slow decay, fade into violent night.

Eastern sun and the western moon…
For once you’d lit me up, see still I’m here for you.
We got to trust our stars, as they never will betray.
They’ll show a way out of the dark
until the final day.

Western moon, you’ve set the eastern sun on fire!
You’re all I ever wanted, I wrote your name across the sky.

And when you’re ready for me,
you know I’ll be the man who’s sitting by your throne.
´cause you know I’m ready for you and I yearn to be the one,
there’s no sense now in being all alone.

I’m so tired of being tired of being on my own…