Revelation & Mystery

Flipside Apocalypse

Some wise men knew it from the start
provoke their nature to compete
Emotions running out of bleach
but yet the tribe is safe and sound

The distance is becoming so profound
while abstinence is what they teach
They fold their hands, starting to frown
so afraid of what’s about to come

Hangin’ on the Wire

I hear your voice a-calling so far away
it’s hard to stand these days
And reason’s gone while I got stuck in this sad place
All my thoughts made of perfumed haze

It’s never been easy, now I can tell
I screwed it all when my mind got lost in the purple skies
And the essence of love turned into fantasy
that wisdom can’t be retrieved just when you leave me
hangin’ on the wire

Feel like a fool, but there is no use to hide
my thoughts need to be purified
I lost myself, becoming such a disgrace
Can’t find the time to rest my head

I’m becoming slave to all my strange desire

You were like my sunlight babe,
please don’t take that away from me
Guess I won’t get along without your soothing smile
Just one little favor, this will be all I ask of you
to forget all my woes and lay with you in a blazing light

I’ve been creeping and crawling through these nights
My brain and eyes been washed away from time
while I came down a long way, a long way to this
Went through all the years so full of pain

Into The Black

She’s been awake for seven days and nights
Torn is her shadow on the ceiling
She got trapped in the lair of that demon and
it took her too long just to believe it

She tied herself to his rotten heart
didn’t sense that he’d cause her heart to bleed
┬┤fore he took his heavy toll on her fragile mind
Would never stop to mistreat her

Then no matter what she did,
would be deceit just to herself
A blurry vision’s pouring down to her,
how to escape from this living in hell

It was in vain and all to regret
how that lady in rags fell for the devil in disguise
Back in her daze so full of love and of laughter
she had been paralyzed

While she needs to get away from him
since she grew so very tired of it
Having seen her friends getting soaked in her misery
Needs to leave them all behind

And a sweet memory sustained
she’ll keep it trembling in insanity
May find a cure for this, but one day
depends on what she’ll decide

In a blue dream I’ve seen her fleeing from him
but then she might just slip away
and fall into a deep and narcotic sleep
Might never wake up again

All the hellhounds sing her name “Oh Mary”
Now look at all that you could have had
and you’re still haunted by his hollow embrace
You may be consumed by fear

Out of the blue right into the black
you may be swallowed by fear

Thirsty Moon

A woman beneath this thirsty moon
she’s been my vision of delight
Her pictures spinning through my head
to set a fire through the night

But what am I supposed to do about it
these restless waters running dry
Stared at this scene, not knowing what it means
until she slowly faded out of sight
All the words were dropping out of line

It feels so lonely all the time
getting lost within our dream

She said there ain’t much to worry ┬┤bout
and if I do then I should wonder why
Need to get rid of all my naive foolishness
see that to love it still means to fight

Though it all feels so forlorn now
The myth that I came to repent
is waiting just to be reborn and
together we’ll be once again
I bet I’ll meet you in the end

Bound to this selfish old moon
whose wailing winds won’t lead me to my bride
When all the pain’s been washed away by silent rain
I know we’ll end up all our strife
and may love again

Outside Insight Blues

You’ve been lurkin’ on the outside
Seen you hangin’ around
until it grew too cold for you
So desperately you tried to get inside and
so hard you wanted to break through
While it wraps you up in its entire darkness
I know it’s goin’ to blacken all your virgin-white soul
So watch out

But don’t get lost in isolation
I see you drew a pretty odd fate
Guess you’ve been meant to lose all your purpose in this profanity
Some day might fall down to your knees and pray
But why do you pray now
when there’s nobody who’s ever goin’ to help you out of this mess
Hey please don’t let it all go astray

Now take this chance my wingless butterfly
or one last time you’ll need to try
to kiss the stars and hit the sky
You ain’t got much left to sacrifice

I’ve seen the sungod’s smile upon you
Yeah you might be a morning star
though sooner or later you’ll need to wake up my friend
and realize just who you are

Their thoughts won’t bend, your words collide
I hope one day they will obtain insight
I always knew you’d be just fine my babe
We’re gonna meet on the other side

Revelation & Mystery

Ever since I’ve been around
their foolish rites been dragging me down
Had to abandon my roots to be relieved for a while
They groom this valley of sadness
where rivers flow to the lake of tears
I’ve walked the path of destitution
till the point where I couldn’t make it anymore
No, I can’t go on

I’ve seen this distant world
gazing through the clouds
Ask you to tell me
what this is all about

I rode my wooden horse through the crimson night
Creatures of heaven, once they have crossed my mind
but soon they vanished, my passage has been denied
Said I was too far out, a crazy child

And I’ve been roaming everywhere on my quest just to find some relief
While that key to happiness can’t be found not here nor anywhere

Seen love’s great mystery
revolving all around
Want you to take me in your arms
Salvation will be found

Salvation will be found, the answer is hidden on the inside

And I’ve been roaming everywhere on my quest just to find some relief
While that key to happiness can’t be found not here nor anywhere
Guess I can’t be spared from all the things that I’ve known
And they keep on telling me there’s so much more that I’ll have to bear

I’ve seen you stumbling backwards and losing your faith
but maybe you found a glimpse of comfort in oblivion
Seems I had to take the hard way to remain seeking
for as long as I’ll walk this ground

And I’ve been shivering silently, forced to leave this temple of infancy
with all the answers locked down deep inside of me, waiting for release
Then someday I might realize that there’ll be no saviour, no angel of destiny
and maybe once might be satisfied or I’ll be wandering endlessly

I’ve lend these broken wings to carry me
on through the raging depths of infinity
right unto the day I’ll die and then return to where it all began
And when they come to bury me, I’ll be seeing it through
Will all my bitterness fade away if I’ll be honest to myself

Salvation will be found, the answer’s locked within ourselves